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Hello, and welcome, to our humble corner of the modding community!
You are here, because of Vengeance: Origings, I presume. Let me tell you very brief what that is about:

"Vengeance: Origins, is a TPS multiplayer game, powered by the Source Engine from Valve.
It's still very early in progress, so we don't got lots of things to show.. Yet!"

Oh, and we're of course always looking for talented people to join our crew!

Latest News

Posted by: Kosai106

As you may have noticed, the website layout has changed a lot since your last visit.
That is correct, I have been updating it. Both performance wise, but also design wise.

If you got comments, suggestions or anything else to ask me, then send me an email right away.

Also; I know you all wants pictures/videos of our progress, and I would really love to show you some, but I think you will enjoy in-game shots of it all instead of 3Ds Max renders, am I right? I knew it.

Don't worry just yet, I, for one, know that we're almost done with the Prototype05 Sub Machine Gun, and a lots of props and new textures, so there's some goodies on the way for ya'll. ;)

Also, we're still hiring artists who's engaged into the project and wants to see a new and interesting modification that takes Source way beyond its limits.
If you're interested in a position, and got talent, then drop me a message here.

Important! Make sure to include images or videos of your work, so I can judge your skills.