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About the game

"In a time without fear, without pain, and without disease. That's what it was like, but that's way back now..
I'm sitting here, by my desk, and I can hear the sound of gunfire in the distance. I'm not scared, I'm prepared.
They found out about my hideout, about 30 minutes ago, but they already got 2 recon groups standing by.
Standing by for instructions, instructions about how to assault the building.

As I walk over to the window, I hear how they breach through the door on the main level. 'Hell, they could tear the entire building down if they wanted to. I, for one, do not know why they don't just do that. They already know that I won't give up. Not without striking back first! While turning around and walking out the door from my office, I hear footsteps coming up from the stairway.

Slowly I walk towards the end of the hallway, to an utility box hanging on the wall.
Right before they even get a chance to kick in that door, I will be long gone!"


The Hulk's: They are big, loud and terrifying.

The Sigmas: They are small, silent and accurate.


- An arsenal of 15 custom weapons
- Fantastic over-the-shoulder view.
- Tactical enchanced gameplay.
- Custom player models.
- Brand new HUD system and GUI layout.
- Vehicle support in some maps.
- Updated graphics and special effects.
- Constant updating + bug-fixing!


The Prototype 05 Sub Machine Gun.
This small arms machine gun is very useful for tactical use and stealth missions, due to the big silencer attached. Its got a long rail to equip various sights and another rail under the frontgrip for laser dots, vertgrips and other things.

It's accurate, got a high rate of fire, but the downside is the damage and magazine, wich holds 25 rounds.
With some practise tho, it'll make sure to be your best partner in combat, in no time.

The G500 Tactical Shotgun.
Its a tactical shotgun, it's commonly used for Close Quarter Combats, and storming buildings etc.
Shooting with 12 Gauge slugs, this weapon is incredibly powerful when up close. The Shotgun can't have anything mounted, but instead it got everything from slugs to explosive rounds.

But beware, it happens from time to time, that it jams, which can cause a bit of a problem, for example while using explosive rounds, or in the middle of a combat situation.

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