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The crew and active supporters

So, I see you're interested in meeting the team?
Well then, lets get on with it, shall we?

The Team

- Kevin "Kosai106" Østerkilde, Game Director
- Tobias "Flandre" Mackenhauer Jacobsen, Lead 3D
- Daniel "Hunterkiller_" Zhang, Art Director
- Jacob "Syntax Error" Jørgensen, Lead Environment Artist
- Owe-Andre "Dr.iCe" Spjell, Environment Artist
- XXX "GNR8218" XXX, Environment Artist
We're still hiring artists, who's engaged into the project and wants to see a new and interesting modification, that takes Source way beyond its limits.

If you're interested in a position, and got talent, then drop me a message.
Important! Make sure to include images or videos of your work, so I can judge your skills.